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After that, he arrives at a fork. If Kirby picks the east tube, he can obtain a 1UP , then he go back to the room he was in by another tube. Once Kirby goes to the left, he can follow the path and grab the Beam ability once he can get it. After grabbing it and going through the tube, he faces a Room Guarder , which are a few Spear Waddle Dees.

After the battle, a cannon appears. Once he jumps into it and launches himself, the door is right to the left. If he goes to the right, there's a medal , but he needs to have pressed the orange switch in Rift Ruin , much later in the game, to have access to it.


The third part is immensely simple; Kirby just needs to follow the trails of stars. It is comparable to Palleto Polis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. Remixed theme in Kirby's Blowout Blast. SkkQ1y1ZuCE 40px 0 0 1 iframe. Bubbly Clouds theme, as scored in Kirby's Epic Yarn. In Kirby's Pinball Land. Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land. There are two free parking lots at the site.

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Tiny Town Daycare Nursery West Silvertown

A downtown park built on top of unclaimed graves. Added by Nicholas Jackson. The Denver airport is guarded by a foot-tall sculpture of a demonic horse. Added by ronin.


Final resting place of a 19th century gold prospector and convicted cannibal. Added by irisenjoyed. Thanks for subscribing! Community Discussion No Comments Yet.

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Tiny Town and Railroad

Near This Place. Morrison, Colorado. In the middle of a suburban Denver neighborhood is a cave that once provided solace for a prominent Ute chief and his family. Added by Jenna Dolecek. Littleton, Colorado.

We are a family friendly venue - Adults come in Free!

A prehistoric rock shelter that's literally in someone's backyard. Golden, Colorado. This iconic science fiction house still looks like something from the future. Added by erinjean. Lakewood, Colorado. This otherwise unremarkable franchise hotel has been decked out in dinosaur decor. Added by Erin Johnson. Related Places. Dorset, England. This tiny town features a tiny town that acts as a 3D snapshot of the town during the 's.

Added by EricGrundhauser.