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Later he would have learned to prepare pigments and canvases; then he would have drawn studies of Verrocchio's works and other models.

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During Leonardo's youth, Florence was going through a golden age. The boy probably spent a great deal of time in society.

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Lorenzo de Medici, ruler of Florence, liked to hold frequent public festivals, and Leonardo no doubt attended these, delightedly beholding their extravagant splendor. Leonardo's earliest known drawing dates from a feast day. It is a landscape; he must have been wandering the countryside while the city was in noisy celebration. The picture stands out in its attention to geologic and botanic detail.

Much of Leonardo's other early work is collaborative in nature: during the Renaissance, paintings were usually done by groups of artists, directed by a master.

Leonardo's first known contribution to one his master's works was in Verrocchio's Baptism of Christ. Almost all critics agree that Leonardo painted the leftmost angel. Its face and hair have a light, graceful quality unlike the other figures in the painting.

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Leonardo was probably also responsible for the background. According to Vasari, Leonardo's first biographer, Verrocchio was so impressed with his pupil's work on the angel that he grew ashamed of his own talents, and swore never to paint again.

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And indeed, Verrocchio soon abandoned paint as a medium; however, a more likely explanation is that he simply decided that Leonardo was good enough to take over most of the workshop's painting so that Verrocchio could focus on his sculpture works, which he had always preferred and excelled in. Soon enough, Leonardo was probably doing works of his own, probably including the Annunciation.

Many critics maintain that Leonardo was responsible for the background vista in The Annunciation and no more. Others suggest that he also painted the painting's angel; and indeed the sleeve of the angel matches some sketches from one of Leonardo's notebooks.

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