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He specialised in navigation, serving in destroyers and, briefly, the cruiser Delhi in the British Mediterranean Fleet. He was navigating her when she was torpedoed on Friday November 13 by a German U-boat. Already in need of maintenance, she lost all power and light and took a heavy list. By nightfall MacLean, who was on the bridge, had helped to organise a tow.

But then a fire broke out, and Ark Royal increased her list until she sank only 25 miles from Gibraltar. Every one on board behaved in an exemplary fashion, and only one man was lost.

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MacLean was awarded the DSC. He next served on the battleship Anson, and had a short spell at the Admiralty before being appointed Master of the British Pacific Fleet; but he arrived too late for the war on Japan, and remembered only eating Sydney Bay oysters and playing golf with his commander-in-chief. MacLean's career after the war alternated between staff and sea appointments. Although not an aviator, he commanded the aircraft carrier Eagle during the Suez crisis and became Flag Officer Aircraft Carrier Squadron.

In retirement MacLean worked for the defence engineering company Elliot Automation.

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MacLean claimed the chieftainship of the MacLeans of Coll, and would have been the 20th chief. But the death of Dr James MacLean of Glensanda, the clan historian who was helping him pursue the claim, meant that he did not succeed.

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When MacLean lost some of his possessions to enemy bombing it was his books that he missed most. He had a quotation from Shakespeare or Alice in Wonderland for every occasion, kept Lord Wavell"s anthology Other Men's Flowers by the side of his bed and had recently been reading Trollope and Dickens.

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Rob Ford (by Maclean's; Emma Teitel; Paul Wells; Ivor Tossell & Nicholas Köhler)

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