Cases of Organic Diseases of the Heart

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Please click on the PDF icon to access. Abstract An evaluation of the ability of the patient with organic heart disease to withstand operation is a matter of great importance and also of great difficulty.

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Sleep Center. Surgical Services. Veterans' Choice. Wound Healing Center. Don't lose heart. Download our free guide on Structural Heart Disease. Be sure to notify your physician if these symptoms increase in frequency or severity but are not so severe that you feel the need to go to an emergency room. Warning signs of a heart attack include: Heavy feeling, pressure, or intense pain or squeezing in the chest that lasts for more than a few minutes.

If it happens only once in a while, bradycardia is not a problem. However, if it continues over a long period of time, the body will not receive an adequate blood supply, which can be very serious.

Heart disease and some drugs can cause bradycardia, and a physician should evaluate it to determine if treatment is required. Irregular or extra heartbeats: Even people with excellent health have irregular or extra heartbeats every once in a while. In some cases, irregular or extra beats can lead to rapid heartbeats.

When the ventricles pump too fast, they cannot deliver enough blood to the body. In some cases, VT can create a very rapid, erratic heartbeat ventricular fibrillation , or cardiac arrest. If VT lasts for only a second or two, it may not be noticed and probably will not cause any serious problems. However, if it lasts longer, it can be very serious and should be evaluated by a physician. As a result, the heart is strained, and the body receives an inadequate blood supply. A number of underlying conditions can lead to SVT.