Stinging The Devil

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Ground ivy and plantains help in particular. The itching fades quickly because these plants contain antibodies. Although not a popular plant, stinging-nettles have many uses. The new young top shoots in particular are used in soup and tea because of their cleansing properties.

They contain vitamins A and C. Woods with an abundance of stinging-nettles are also home to many butterflies, including the red admiral, the peacock and the tortoiseshell.

STINGING NETTLE – Urtica dioica

All these leave their eggs on stinging nettles. The caterpillars eat their fill of stinging nettle leaves. Various small birds such as the nightingale nest in the protective environment of stinging-nettle woods. The plant fibres can be used to weave nettle cloth for making into garments. Mar 8, 0 0. It makes my mouth water thinking about it [Bevington, Gloucestershire, November ]. In ancient Egypt reports are found of the use of nettle infusion for the relief of arthritis and lumbago pains.

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A standard practice of flogging oneself with the fresh nettle plant, called urtification, was prescribed to treat such illnesses as chronic rheumatism, lethargy, coma, paralysis, and even typhus and cholera. This practice of urtification is known to many cultures and has been used for thousands of years.

Urtica dioica, stinging nettle

The Roman soldiers are said to have brought their own nettles to the British Isles to treat their tired, painful legs on long marches in the cold and wet climate by urtification, thus stimulating the circulation. Documentation or anecdotal reports of its use in this way have been found among the Ecuador Indians, ancient Romans, and Canadian and American native tribes. We feel that creatures using it as a source of food must be given the chance to complete their life cycle.

Devil's club

Even if most of its leaves die back in winter, we maintain the plant itself. Only a few nettle plants can be fitted into a small space before a stroll into the garden becomes a world of hurt. Our Stinging Nettle lives in its own Nettle Bucket. The nettle leaves will provide the first food source for butterfly or moth larva hatching from those eggs.

Bottle Inn, Marshwood, Dorset, Photo Tripadvisor. Eating the raw Stinging Nettle is not advised. Competitors are given 60 cm 20 in stalks of the plant, from which they strip the leaves and eat them. Whoever strips and eats the most stinging nettle leaves in a fixed time is the winner.

The Most Painful Insect Stings | Owlcation

The plant has been harvested for this purpose and marketed widely as "Alaskan ginseng", [8] which may damage populations of devil's club and its habitat. Despite some morphological similarities between the araliaceous members Panax 'true' ginseng , American ginseng , Eleutherococcus senticosus "Siberian ginseng" and devil's club, the different genera are chemically and ethno-botanically diverse, and in most cases, under protection in the wild.

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How To Treat A Sting From A Stinging Nettle

Retrieved 28 February Journal of Chromatography A. Phytotherapy Research. Taxon identifiers.

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